Reaching Out To Malcolm Gladwell

I just decided to shoot my new favorite author, Malcom Gladwell, an email with an idea I recently developed reading his book titled The Tipping Point. Fingers crossed he gets back to me and we work some magic for the good of humanity.

Dear Mr.Gladwell,

I just put down your book “The Tipping Point” down after reaching page 59 in disbelief. What I have read in the first 59 pages of your book is worth more than my entire philosophy degree, and i’m perfectly fine with that. In fact, i’m so ecstatic about what I’ve read so far I’ve wanted to reach out to thank you.

As a recent college graduate with a B.A. in Philosophy, I have been studying a lot of what you might call lifestyle design techniques over the past few months. I suppose my intention for doing this was to discover new formulas, stories and ideas that will inspire and motivate me to the next level in life. The next level for me entails being a more effective connector. I want to be the modern day Paul Revere, which brings me to the other reason I felt obligated to reach out to you.

In brief, I used to work with some acquaintances who, simply put, push internet traffic for a living. A few months ago they informed me of an underground phenomenon going on in the world of internet marketing. They had discovered secret groups of people online that were dedicated to liking, upvoting, and commenting on each others posts in order to create the illusion of organic yet viral content. Basically tricking the algorithms that determine what goes viral and what doesn’t. The idea being that if your product makes the front page of Reddit for example, you can bet you’re probably going to cash in, or at least make some waves in new realms you couldn’t have otherwise reached. I found this entire concept fascinating, and looking for a way to somehow utilize this strategy for social good, until now.

Imagine a social networking website that is built specifically for the Lois Weisberg’s, for the Paul Revere’s, for the “connectors.”

It would have similar features to that of Facebook and Linkedin, but would be exclusive in that only people who fit the “connector criteria” would have access to. We could call it, The Revere Society.

What do you think?

Thanks you for your work, time and consideration.


Samuel Chapman

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