My First “How-To” Speech

My senior year of High School I gave a “How-To Throw A 20 lb. Pot Blindfolded” speech for the “Mr. Lion” beauty pageant. The first picture was the one practice run I did the day before the show. The second photo was taken during the centering stage of the demonstration.

Ceramics in high school kept me sane. Whether I was feeling inspired, having a horrible day, or just wanting to skip class, I could always go to the ceramics room. The ceramics teacher, Mr.Brame is one of a small handful of teachers who have had a major impact on who I am today.

I started taking ceramics classes my freshmen year. By the middle of my sophomore year I had taken all of the classes offered, and one of them twice. Mr.Brame decided to bring me on as a somewhat permanent teachers assistant from then on, which allowed me to be in the ceramics room on a daily basis.

Eventually I started selling a good amount of my work. Massive fruit bowls and rum jugs for the most part.

I’ve often dreamed of running away for a few months to live on an island, completely disconnected from society, and just throw pots all day.

Although I don’t make pottery anymore, I do want to start again. I just need to stop making up excuses to do so.

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