A Picture a Day


I have decided that I want to start a photo blog. The idea is to take one picture a day and accompany it with a few words describing the picture, why I took it, how it makes me feel, what I think it means, or whatever else I feel like saying.

Over time this might turn into an actual blog, but for now i’m going to keep it low maintenance and simple so I can keep up with my commitment of one picture a day.

FYI: I’m no professional photographer, but I encourage you to critique, debate, and or question all my work/motives.

I moved up to Portland from Eugene over the summer after graduating from the University of Oregon in the Spring. The picture above was taken from my balcony in SW Portland. For those who don’t know, that’s Mt. Hood. Every morning I get up and look out my window to see this image. Amazing views like this are consistently inspiring for me. What kind of images inspire you?

2 responses to “A Picture a Day

  1. Amy J

    I sometimes forget how gorgeous this state is…This is a cool idea Sam- keep rockin it.

  2. Will G

    #stayfocused. Website is sweet, hope Portland life is treating you well my man, I haven’t had your number call me on my cell I got a project I’m working on need some Sam insight. 425-478-8219.

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