Utilizing Public Accountability for Success

The hardest part about blogging for me has always been choosing the topic. So, instead of actually choosing a topic myself, I turned to my friends on Facebook to help me decide what I should write about. Suggested topics to address ranged from the resistance to legalization from some medical marijuana communities, to issues of … Continue reading

House Passes Bill to Regulate Medical Marijuana Facilities

The Oregon House today passed legislation to license and regulate the nearly 200 medical marijuana dispensaries operating in Oregon today. House Bill 3460, passed on a 31-27 vote, requires the Oregon Health Authority to set up a licensure system under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act. “This bill came to me not from law enforcement, but … Continue reading

Oregon Attorney General and League of Oregon Cities Endorse HB 3460

Dear Senator Prozanski and Representative Buckley: As you know, under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (“OMMA“), physicians are legally able to recommend medical marijuana to treat their patients. Under current law, because the OMMA does not address medical marijuana facilities, there is no clear way for registered card holders to safely or legally have access … Continue reading

Things I Will Do Before I Turn 30

A few months ago I decided that I needed to make a bucket list of things I will do before I turn 30. I often hear people discuss things they “want” to do before they turn a certain age, which is why I wanted to make a list that leaves no room for failure. The … Continue reading

Reaching Out To Malcolm Gladwell

I just decided to shoot my new favorite author, Malcom Gladwell, an email with an idea I recently developed reading his book titled The Tipping Point. Fingers crossed he gets back to me and we work some magic for the good of humanity. Dear Mr.Gladwell, I just put down your book “The Tipping Point” down … Continue reading

Implications to Oregon Residents on Washington’s New Marijuana Law

Portland Police are starting to chime in on Washington’s new laws regarding recreational use of marijuana. As of yesterday it is legal to possess up to an ounce of marijuana in Washington. And no, you don’t have to be a Washington resident to consume marijuana in Washington.

In the video below, Portland Police Sgt. Pete Simpson answers a handful of questions i’m sure a lot of Oregonians are asking regarding the new Washington Marijuana laws. Enjoy!

My First “How-To” Speech

My senior year of High School I gave a “How-To Throw A 20 lb. Pot Blindfolded” speech for the “Mr. Lion” beauty pageant. The first picture was the one practice run I did the day before the show. The second photo was taken during the centering stage of the demonstration. Ceramics in high school kept … Continue reading

A Movember Tribute

About a year ago I was helping a friends out with a video project where I had to dress up as the pepto bismal guy. It turned into a 1300 photo shoot real fast. Have you ever tried to pour a shot of 1300 tequila like they do in the commercials? Gravity wins, every time. … Continue reading

A Picture a Day

Welcome! I have decided that I want to start a photo blog. The idea is to take one picture a day and accompany it with a few words describing the picture, why I took it, how it makes me feel, what I think it means, or whatever else I feel like saying. Over time this … Continue reading